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Exoplanet Observatory conducts Physics Classes, Astronomy Classes and Projects for school and the public.

Exoplanet Observatory is the only Physics Class in Singapore which own and utilises The Largest Telescope in Singapore to motivate students to excel in Physics!

For Astronomy Classes, students attend 8 astronomy lessons and 4 practical lessons. Practical lessons are conducted in 2 local stargazing trips.
Largest Telescope in Singapore
Exoplanet Observatory houses the largest telescope in Singapore. With primary mirror measures at 25 inches (0.64 meter), we are able to capture high quality stunning images and collect valuable data for astronomical research.
Exoplanet Observatory's vision is to become a Physics and Astronomical Centre that inspire the younger generation to learn physics and astronomy; help to spur research interests in physics and astronomy in educational and private institutions; and promote public's interests in physics, astronomy, science and space development, particularly in Singapore.