Physics Class

Exoplanet conducts Physics Class for Sec 3, O level, A level, IP, IGCSE, IB. Small Class and 1-to-1. Rate from $30 /hr. Classroom / Online

The only Physics Class in Singapore which own and utilises The Largest Telescope in Singapore to motivate students to excel in Physics!

What could be more powerful if your child is fascinated and self-motivated to learn Physics? -- That's our unique strengths.

Image Credit: Ron Miller/NASAblueshift / CC BY 2.0

Astronomy Class

Exoplanet Observatory conducts Astronomy Classes and Astronomy Projects for school and the public.

In the beginner course, students attend 8 astronomy lessons and 4 practical lessons (conducted in 2 local stargazing trips!)

Image Credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble Legacy Archive (STScI/NASA, ST-ECF/ESA, CADC/NRC/CSA). Image and Colors processing:

Largest Telescope

Exoplanet Observatory houses the largest telescope in Singapore! With primary mirror measures at 25 inches (0.64 meters), we are able to capture stunning high quality images and collect data for physics and astronomical research.

Image Credit: NASA

Exoplanet: Private and Group Physics Tuition for Upper Secondary School Pupils in Singapore

Want to get better at Physics and get that A1? Look no further, because Exoplanet is the best and most affordable physics tuition centre in Singapore. Our tutors are ready and excited to help your students embrace learning and nail those O-Level examinations.

Exoplanet has had a proven track record of helping students in Singapore master key scientific concepts in Physics and obtain high scores during their school tests and national examinations. Our physics tuition classes are fun and interactive, and our tutors are trained and experienced in education. They are also knowledgeable about complex and simple concepts in Physics. Furthermore, our tutors are always willing and ready to guide, mentor and be a role model to all our pupils. Exoplanet believes, with full conviction, that all students are made for greatness and success. With hard work, determination and adequate guidance, our tuition centre believes that all students can soar to higher heights and reach their dreams. Our tutors strive to impart both knowledge in physics and life skills to all our students in Singapore. We hope to teach students to have confidence in their own abilities. Our tuition centre hopes to help our students realize their potential and chase their dreams.

Our tuition centre offers both small group and private one-to-one tuition classes in Singapore at affordable rates. We also compile our own sample exam papers based on actual O-Level Physics papers from the previous years. Our tuition classes will prepare students fully for the O-Level Physics examination. Our group classes are limited to only 3-8 students per class so that all our students can get enough individual attention and guidance. We yearn to help students learn through group work and sharing of knowledge.

How to contact us

If you are interested in joining our tuition centre and our physics classes in Singapore, feel free to contact us by calling us at 9115 7278 or email us at Click here to see our Student's grade improvements and Testimony.

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