Budget but Effective Physics Tuition for Secondary 3 Students in Singapore

If you are struggling with Kinematics, Dynamics, Kinetic Model of Matter or even the Electromagnetic Spectrum, Exoplanet is here to help!

Even if your child is only in Sec 3 and still has a year to go before the big O-Level exam, start preparing early! It’s prudent to get the guidance your child needs to build a strong foundational understanding of key concepts at Sec 3 in Physics.

This way, getting ready for your O-Level exams will be a breeze and you can get a head-start in your revision for the big exams.

Here at Exoplanet, we prepare you to take on the basic and more complex concepts in physics at Sec 3. We guide our students meticulously during the tuition to ensure they build a solid understanding of the science of physics. In doing so, we hope to improve their approach to other subjects in Science and persuade them to seek joy in learning and critical thinking.

Unlike classroom-style learning in Singapore where revision and tutorials are intensive and focused, our tuition classes are fun and engaging. We encourage our students to discover physics through fun games and interactive experiments. In addition, we prepare our Secondary 3 students for the practical exams they will have to sit for when they are promoted to Sec 4.

Our team strives to make a difference in our students’ learning journeys. We strive to be virtuous and hardworking role models to students. Not only do we yearn to teach them our tips and tricks to scoring at Physics exams at Sec 3 and 4, we also desire to impart life skills to help them think critically and tackle academic difficulties with confidence.

If you are ready to enrol and discover a new way to tackle the Sec 3 Physics syllabus, scroll down for our contact information!

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