Physics Super Tutor Profile

Mr Vincent Chua graduated with a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours Degree (Top 10%) from Oxford Brookes University and Master Degree from National University of Singapore. Mr Chua is a full-time Physics Tutor specialised in Physics only.

Many tutors possess countless qualifications and awards. However, Mr Chua believes that at the end of the day, parents want to know whether the tutor can help their child improve the grades. Mr Chua has helped multiple students improve their grade from F9 to A2 within just a span of 6 months! There are many students who improved 2 to 5 grades in just 3 months! Click Results to view students' grade improvement.

Mr Chua also believes that the ability of the tutor should not be self-proclaimed. Students know best so here are the students' views about Mr Chua:

Clear teaching and comprehensive materials

" ... I personally feel that his class is understandable and practical." (Keith Tan, Manjusri Secondary School)

"Attending Mr Vincent Chua's lessons did help me out with struggles and doubts about physics. His lessons are clear and straightforward, which made understanding concepts a lot easier." (Stevson Lim, St Gabriels' Secondary School)

"Mr Vincent's method of logical revision is very effective, in helping us understand and in clearing conceptual errors." (Mark Giam, Victoria School)

"The notes that he provides for each topic is very informative, colourful and has many diagrams, allowing for easier learning and understanding of each topic." (Ryan Long, Saint Joseph's Institution)

"It is a pleasure to learn in his class and be able to get a full understanding of the topics. The materials are also comprehensive and easy to understand." (Sinead Wong, Cedar Girls' Secondary School)

"The notes really were a great help and he explained everything very clearly." (Krysten Wong, Raffles Girls' School)

"His notes are very helpful and very clear." (Anshul Mahesh, Canberra Secondary School)

Focus on exam-based questions and build strong foundation

"Unlike some other tuition centres, teacher Vincent focus on many topic questions and exam-based paper to build towards a stronger and better understanding in physics." (Keith Tan, Manjusri Secondary School)

"His unique teaching methods of going through school papers that allowed me to apply my concepts into the answering of the questions." (Stevson Lim, St Gabriels' Secondary School)

"Also emphasis on doing past years papers give valuable practice, revealing areas for improvement." (Mark Giam, Victoria School)

"He always builds a strong foundation by teaching the basic concepts with much clarity. He then pushes us to our fullest potential by giving us tough questions from other school papers." (Salemi Arathana, Crescent Girl's School)

Go beyond the textbook and make lessons interesting!

"He is always willing to go beyond the textbook and explore how the things we learn are applied to real life, making his lessons very engaging." (Mark Giam, Victoria School)

"His lessons are interesting and informative, helping me to learn Physics concepts easily." (Ryan Long, Saint Joseph's Institution)

"Being able to ask any questions under the Sun and able to get a positive response enlightens me. I have grown to love Physics too through the interactive lessons I have attended here." (Sinead Wong, Cedar Girls' Secondary School)

"Being in Mr Vincent's class has been very fun and useful... I want to thanks Mr Vincent for making Physics such a fun subjects!" (Krysten Wong, Raffles Girls' School)

"Being in Mr Vincent's class has been fun and engaging." (Anshul Mahesh, Canberra Secondary School)

Unique teaching method

"His unique teaching methods of going through school papers that allowed me to apply my concepts into the answering of the questions." (Stevson Lim, St Gabriels' Secondary School)

"Mr Chua's methods of teaching Physics is unique." (Ryan Long, Saint Joseph's Institution)

Very patient and positive

"Whenever we had doubts, Mr Vincent patiently answered all our questions. He is very positive and always encourages us to do our best and never give up whenever we fail." (Krysten Wong, Raffles Girls' School)

"His patience and clarity helped me..." (Trina Ong, Kent Ridge Secondary School)

"He is very helpful and patient in teaching and explains everything clearly." (Anshul Mahesh, Canberra Secondary School)

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