Online Tuition (Lower Fees)

Choose Online Tuition:

1) Lower fees!

2) No travelling!

3) No restrictions of locations! Students can log in from anywhere!

4) More options of timings.

5) Attending the same class as students in classroom! Is a Hybrid class.

6) Same Tutor. Same Notes. Same Teaching.

Join our Online Tuition now!

(1) We will be using a secure platform for video conferencing.

(2) Online students will join the students in the physical classroom via video conferencing.

(3) Student to arrange a time with our tutor (Mr Vincent Chua) to test the video conferencing before the start of online tuition.

(4) A link will be sent to student via WhatsApp / Email. Just click on the link to start video conferencing. Quite easy!

(5) e-Notes will be sent to the students before the Online Tuition session.

(6) On the first Online Tuition session, student to log in 10 mins before the session (in case we need to sort out any technical issue).

(7) On subsequent Online Tuition, student may log in on-time for the session.

(8) Student is advised to log in from a quiet room.

(9) During the Online Tuition session, parents and family members are advised not to interrupt the session! As there are other students in the session and to maintain professionalism for the tuition session.

(10) Video camera is required to be turn ON. This is to ensure students focus on the lesson and there are qaulity interactions between the tutor and students.

(11) Equipments required:

- A laptop with video camera.
- Good Wifi signal.