Physics Tuition
Exoplanet (since 2014) conducts Physics Tuition for Sec 3, Sec 4, JC 1, JC 2. Syllabus: O Level / A Level / IP / IGCSE / IB. Small Class / 1-to-1. Rate from $30 /hr. Online / Classroom. All locations island-wide!

Students Results

Examples of Grades Improvements

Student from Before joining 3 months after joining 6 months after joining
Dunman High (JC) E B A
Hwa Chong Institution B3 A1
(6 mths)
Catholic JC U (Ungraded) B
(3 mths)
Nan Hua High F9 C6 A2
National JC E D B
Xin Min Sec F9 C5 B3
Crescent Girls F9 D7 A2
(1st in Class)
Victoria School C6 A2
(3 mths)
River Valley High F9 A1*
(9 mths)
Raffles Institution 66% 75%
(3 mths)
Crescent Girls B3 A2
(6 mths)
(12 mths)
Tanjong Katong Sec D7 B4 A2
(9 mths)
Pei Hwa Sec F9 D7 B3
Tanjong Katong Sec D7 B3
(6 mths)
(9 mths)
DPS International 50% 75% 78%
ACS Independent 51% 73%
(6 mths)
(9 mths)
Christ Church Sec F9 D7 A2
(9 mths)
Catholic High Sch F9 D7 A2
(15 mths)
Tanjong Katong Girls' Sch D7 B3
(6 mths)
(9 mths)
Nan Hua High C6 B4 B3
Nan Hua High E8 B4
(6 mths)
(12 mths)
Tanjong Katong Girls' Sch A2 A2 A1
Presbyterian High Sch C6 C5 A1
Methodist Girls' Sch E8 A1 A1
Saint Joseph's Institution F9 A2
(3 mths)
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian B4 A1
(3 mths)
Xin Min Sec B4 A1
(12 mths)
Ngee Ann Sec D7
Only joined after Prelim
2 mths later
Tanjong Katong Girls' Sch B4 A1
(6 mths)
Kent Ridge Sec F9 B4
(3 mths)
CHIJ Katong Convent E8 B3
(6 mths)
Tanjong Katong Sec B3 A1
(3 mths)
Gan Eng Seng Sch C6 A1
(6 mths)
Nan Chiau High F9 C6
(3 mths)
Saint Anthony's Canossian B4 B3
(3 mths)
Saint Joseph's Institution F9 B4
(3 mths)
St Hilda's Sec E8 A1
(6 mths)
St Hilda's Sec D7 B4
(6 mths)
Gan Eng Seng Sch B4 A1
(6 mths)
Xinmin Sec C5 A1
(3 mths)
Fuhua Sec F9 A2
(3 mths)
Bedok North Sec B3 A1
(3 mths)
Swiss Cottage Sec E8 B3
(3 mths)
Fuhua Sec C5 A1
(3 mths)
Ping Yi Sec B3 A1
(3 mths)
Hwa Chong Institution B4 A1
(3 mths)
River Valley High Sch A2 A1
(3 mths)
Ngee Ann Sec F9 B3
(3 mths)
Yio Chu Kang Sec F9 B4
(3 mths)
Chung Cheng High (Main) A2 A1
(3 mths)
St. Nicholas Girls' Sch A2 A1
(6 mths)
Ngee Ann Sec F9 B4
(3 mths)
Dunman High Sch C6 A1
(3 mths)
many more ...

Examples of students achieving good grades by starting early at Exoplanet

(from the beginning of Sec 3 before any test / exam)

Student from 2-3 months after joining
Victoria School A1
St. Gabriel's Secondary School A1
Bowen Secondary School B3
(1st in Class)
Tanjong Katong Secondary School A2
Bedok South Secondary School A1
Tanjong Katong Girls' School A2
Ping Yi Secondary School A1
Tanjong Katong Girls' School A1
many more ...

All results are verifiable with students results slips / screenshots of student's reporting in messages.

(Note: Student grade improvements vary from student to student. Results are not guaranteed.)


Zhao Yuanzhen, Dunman High School (JC)

I failed my H2 physics for CA1. After joining the tuition, my grade has leaped to A for MYE. Physics was very challenging for me as senior high physics requires me to think using a brand new logic, coupled with lots of new concepts. It was hard for me to adjust so quickly especially when all minor examinations count towards the final score. However, with Mr Chua's help, I am able to tackle this hardship. Mr Chua does not just explain the concepts clearly, but he teaches and reinforces all the technique of solving the questions. I am very thankful for his assistance in my studies.

Tan Tse Yee, Xin Min Secondary School

Before joining Mr Chua's lessons, I was very unsure of my physics concepts and ended up getting a C5 for my Sec 3 EOYs. However, I improved to an A1 for my first exam in secondary four just after a few months! Mr Chua is very patient and understanding, allowing me to ask questions comfortably. Despite the Covid situation, he has managed to make online classes feel as if we were in a usual classroom setting by engaging us thoroughly. Thanks to his classes, I feel more confident in Physics and I look forward to doing even better!

Ariel Lee, Catholic Junior College

Before I started this physics tuition, I got a U for physics. But after I joined, I was able to understand the concepts better and attained a B for Mid Year Exam! Thanks to Mr Chua!

Rachael Kua, Crescent Girl's School

I first joined the tuition centre in Sec 3, shortly before my EOYs (End of Year exam). Previously, I was scoring consistent F9 for all Physics tests, but managed to improve by 2 grades after 2 months of joining. After 6 months, I passed my common test for Physics, which was my first ever pass! Recently, I managed to score A2 for Physics, and my net improvement (from my worst to best score) is 42 marks! I would like to thank Mr Chua for his guidance, and I look forward to doing even better in future.

Zwe Paing Htet, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

I am very grateful to Mr Chua for his teachings in the past 3 months or so. When I first came, my physics was bottom five in class and I barely passed by 1 mark. However, through his guidance, my grade improved substantially, from a 51 to 73. Now, I am higher than class average by some amount at least and am hoping to reach even more significant heights next year under his guidance. My favourite trait about Mr Chua is his patience and caring he shows. When I ask him extra questions, he is always willing to answer no matter how much time it took, even if it was through WhatsApp on a weekend. Mr Chua's explanation is clear and the questions he give us every lessons have benefitted me overtime. Thanks!

Kiang Choon Kee Zen, Gan Eng Seng School

Joining Mr Vincent's class allowed me to clarify my doubts and his explanations are very clear are vivid. His teaching methods, notes and questions he does with the students in class are all very useful. The questions that he ask in class are challenging and this allow us to deepen our thinking on the question. Thanks to his efforts, I managed to score A1 for my recent test and have since improved from C6 for my first test since joining him.

Vernice Ho, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Before I joined the class, I failed my physics for my overall results. I got D7 for both my physics tests. After I joined the class, I can understand physics better. I then managed to pass my physics test. For my Mid Year Examination, I score B4 for my physics. Within less than 2 months, I improved a lot from D7 to B4. Besides that, I now can understand physics well and answer physics questions better. I would like to thanks Mr Chua for the encouragement and his great teaching.

Keith Tan, Manjusri Secondary School

After attending teacher Vincent class for a few months, I personally feel that his class is understandable and practical. Unlike some other tuition centres, teacher Vincent focus on many topic questions and exam-based paper to build towards a stronger and better understanding in physics. After coming for a short 3 months, my grade jumped from F9 to a decent A1. I was able to gain a lot from the classes as I often couldn't apply what I read from the textbook onto the questions. After attending, there was a better way in helping to score for physics rather than just blindly applying formulas. The comfortable class size also allowed me to voice out my questions and understand better.

Stevson Lim, St Gabriels' Secondary School

Attending Mr Vincent Chua's lessons did help me out with struggles and doubts about physics. His lessons are clear and straightforward, which made understanding concepts a lot easier. His unique teaching methods of going through school papers that allowed me to apply my concepts into the answering of the questions. Furthermore, he specifically took out the questions related to the current chapter we are going through to better practice the wide range of questions consolidated for each lesson cleared my doubts immediately. So far, I am getting A1 for all my class tests and am grateful for Mr Chua.

Mark Giam, Victoria School

Mr Vincent's method of logical revision is very effective, in helping us understand and in clearing conceptual errors. He is always willing to go beyond the textbook and explore how the things we learn are applied to real life, making his lessons very engaging. Also emphasis on doing past years papers give valuable practice, revealing areas for improvement. Results wise, my Physics grades have improved from a C (50%) in the Mid Year Examinations to an A (73%) in CA2 on the third quarter tests.

Sujal Kumar, DPS International School

Before joining his Physics class, I was on the borderline of pass and fail. But after 3 months of his classes my grades in Physics experienced a drastic boost and from a C6 I jumped on an A1. Apart from my grades, I have began to understand physics a lot better than before. Also due to the small class size and his notes, I can ask my questions more often. His teaching style is also one of a kind and I'm sure I will excel even further than I already have if I continue with Mr Vincent.

Alessandra Low, CHIJ Katong Convent

The change is real! In the 8 months that I've joined Mr Chua's Physics class, I've transformed my F9 to a B3. He helps to clear misconceptions and always seeks to make lessons engaging and understandable. Mr Chua also gives us practice papers monthly and his notes are comprehensible and interesting. Thank you for making Physics fun.

Isaac Toh, St. Hilda's Secondary School

I used to struggled with Physics and even scored F9 for my tests before. After joining the class for about 4 months, I managed to achieve A1 for my weighted assessment. I hope to maintain this grades. This class has helped me get better insight in Physics and I am able to understand the concepts better. I want to thank Mr Chua for helping me improve in my Physics.

Ryan Long, Saint Joseph's Institution

Mr Chua's methods of teaching Physics is unique. His lessons are interesting and informative, helping me to learn Physics concepts easily. Initially I was very confused during Physics lessons in school, and I failed my Physics common test in the first Term. After months of being in Mr Chua's class, I can confirm that my Physics results have improved, from a fail to a B4. The notes that he provides for each topic is very informative, colourful and has many diagrams, allowing for easier learning and understanding of each topic. I am now more confident in Physics and I have less doubts and confusions pertaining to the subject.

Samantha Khoo, Bedok South Secondary School

Before joining Mr Chua’s lessons, I had gotten 76% for my exam. However, I had doubts which I was able to clear after joining the tuition and managed to get 88% for my recent end of year examinations. His explanations and notes are clear and understandable and the practice questions we attempt in class allowed me to get exposed with more types of questions and I can better understand the topic.

Trina Ong, Kent Ridge Secondary School

Back when I wasn't attending tuition here, I was so confused about physics and was not confident in the subject. I got consistent F9 for my tests and also for my MYE. Now that I have attended Mr Chua's classes, I understand the physics concepts more. His patience and clarity helped me in getting an B4 for my recent test, so now I feel more confident when it comes to Physics.

Sinead Wong, Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Being in Mr Vincent's class has been a great experience! Being able to ask any questions under the Sun and able to get a positive response enlightens me. I have grown to love Physics too through the interactive lessons I have attended here. It is a pleasure to learn in his class and be able to get a full understanding of the topics. The materials are also comprehensive and easy to understand. Thanks Mr Vincent!

Krysten Wong, Raffles Girls' School

Being in Mr Vincent's class has been very fun and useful. The notes really were a great help and he explained everything very clearly. Whenever we had doubts, Mr Vincent patiently answered all our questions. He is very positive and always encourages us to do our best and never give up whenever we fail. He cares deeply about every student in the class and makes sure that no one is left behind. I want to thanks Mr Vincent for making Physics such a fun subjects!

Salemi Arathana, Crescent Girl's School

When I first joined the tuition centre, I was scoring only Bs. However, after six months I was able to score an A2 for a relatively tough school paper. Credit goes to Mr Vincent Chua for his Physics tuition. He always builds a strong foundation by teaching the basic concepts with much clarity. He then pushes us to our fullest potential by giving us tough questions from other school papers. His tuition has definitely helped me excel!

Foo Ru Cheng, River Valley high School

Before attending Mr Chua's lesson, I had a hard time understanding physics. However, after attending for a few months, I really feel that his way of teaching and thorough explanation makes it so much more easier for me to understand the subject. His careful planned lessons are engaging and full of thought provoking questions. With Mr Chua's guidance, my results improved from F9 to A1*.

Wong Jie Yi, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

I joined the tuition centre in Apr after my weighted assessment. Before joining, I scored D7 for physics. After 3 months, I improved from D7 to C6. The class size was comfortable for me to learn efficiently without much interuptions. I could also clarify my doubts freely. Lessons were always very interesting which made me more interested in physics. During lessons, we went throught lots of past year papers which exposed me to a larger variety of questions. After 7 months, I improved from a D7 to a A2.

Jadea, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

Before I joined the class, I did not actually understand much and I usually just memorised all the contents. However, after attending a few lessons, I was actually able to understand better as Mr Chua makes very clear and comprehensive explanations. I can feel myself slowly understanding so much more. Mr Chua also makes Physics less boring and is a super patient person who does his absolute best to help his students. I believe that his tuition lessons are really helpful!

Anshul Mahesh, Canberra Secondary School

Being in Mr Vincent's class has been fun and engaging. His notes are very helpful and very clear. He is very helpful and patient in teaching and explains everything clearly. He encourages us to do well and pushes us to reach our potential. I do not hesitate to engage questions with him.

many more ...

Students From

Raffles Institution Raffles Girls' School
Victoria School Methodist Girls' School
Cedar Girls' Secondary School Crescent Girls' School
ACS International Nan Hua High School
Nan Chiau High School St. Gabriel's Secondary School
Ngee Ann Secondary School Xinmin Secondary School
Punggol Secondary School Bowen Secondary School
St Andrew's Secondary School Deyi Secondary School
Canberra Secondary School Tanjong Katong Secondary School
Naval Base Secondary School Pei Hwa Secondary School
St. Joseph's Institution Kent Ridge Secondary School
Greendale Secondary School ACS (Barker)
CHIJ Katong Convent Hwa Chong Institution
Riverside Secondary School St Nicholas Girls' School
Gan Eng Seng School School of the Arts Singapore
Dunman High School SACSS
Catholic High School DPS International School
River Valley High School Bukit Batok Secondary School
Bendemeer Secondary School Yuan Ching Secondary School
Guangyang Secondary School Dunearn Secondary School
many more ...